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Tampa Finished and Unfinished Furniture


Finished Furniture Tampa

All furnishings at BareWood Outlet are sold fully assembled and can arrive at your doorstep already finished for you.  Distinctive finishes in any color or stain can be used to create the unique, heirloom piece your family deserves for generations to come.

The hardest part is picking your favorite.  Pine, walnut, maple, cherry, mahogany, teak, rosewood, chestnut, white oak, and red oak are among the endless selection of stunning wood styles.

We also remind our customers that many finishing techniques can dramatically change the look.  For example, we can create a distressed finish for an antique appearance, and you may choose to add a glaze finish for a sleek finishing touch.

The experts at BareWood Outlet can also help you find the most durable wood types that take stain evenly, and we can support you in determining which finishes will blend with your current furnishings and décor. We’ve got you covered at BareWood.

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Unfinished Furniture

Sure, we can do all of the finishing and affordable customizations for you, but sometimes we understand that you are a do-it-yourselfer.  We offer Ready-to-Finish products by Whitewood, which is a respected and certified member of the Authentic Home Furnishings Association’s “Real Wood Furniture Finished Your Way” program.

Purchasing ready-to-finish furniture gives you a wide range of options to meet your furniture needs.We also carry wood finishes and wood stains to help you get a custom look.We’re happy to provide the tools and information to complete the project.  We’re fluent in the step-by-step processes of wood staining and finishing.  Plus, our in-store experts can discuss everything from surface preparation to selecting the precise finish, such as ZAR Wood Stain in 19 natural wood tones.Just ask one of our experts to explain the painting or glazing process.

It’s so easy – style, color, and enjoy.

Custom Built Furniture Tampa

BareWood Outlet is also thrilled to help you you stylize and custom build your furniture.  For example, if you can’t find the perfect chair, then just create one.  Start with the style, choose a top, choose the legs, pick your upholstery, and have the wood finished in your chosen color.  The same goes for sets – build the ideal bedroom set or office set to match your room dimensions and budget.

Contact us today for an estimate to create the picture-perfect addition for your home – you’ll be amazed by how affordable it is when you shop local stores that care about giving customers exactly what you want.