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Don't want to do it yourself? No problem, we can finish your furniture for you!
Don't want to do it yourself? No problem, we can finish your furniture for you!
Exploring the World of Wood: A Guide to Popular Types of Wood for Furniture

Exploring the World of Wood: A Guide to Popular Types of Wood for Furniture

Are you ready to explore the world of wood furniture? Whether you're a wood aficionado or just starting to appreciate natural materials, come along as we explore some of the most popular types of wood used in furniture. Our hope is through the knowledge you gain here you can discover the wood type that is right for your home, style and life. So read on to find the wood type this is SO “you”...

Cherry: The Regal Beauty

Cherry wood, with its rich, reddish-brown hue and smooth finish, exudes luxury and sophistication. Those who appreciate timeless elegance and a touch of regal charm in their furniture often gravitate towards cherry. Its warm tones can add depth and character to any room, making it a favorite among those who enjoy classic and refined aesthetics. Cherry wood is moderately durable, making it suitable for furniture that is meant to last for generations with proper care.

Maverick Solid Cherry Bed Set

Maple: The Versatile Workhorse

Maple wood's light color and smooth grain make it a versatile choice for a wide range of furniture styles. Its durability and ability to take on different finishes make it a favorite among practical-minded individuals who seek furniture that can withstand everyday use. Whether you're furnishing a modern living space or a traditional home, maple's natural beauty and durability make it a reliable option for many homeowners. Maple wood is known for its exceptional durability, making it a popular choice for furniture that sees heavy use.

Maple Boat Table

Hickory: The Rustic Charm

For those who love the rugged beauty of the outdoors, hickory wood offers a perfect blend of durability and rustic appeal. Its distinctive grain patterns and warm, earthy tones evoke a sense of nature and authenticity. Individuals seeking to infuse their space with cozy warmth and a touch of wilderness often choose hickory for their furniture, whether it's for a cabin retreat or a farmhouse-inspired home. Hickory wood is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making it ideal for furniture that needs to withstand heavy use over time.

Hickory Sample Photo from

Alder: The Understated Gem

Alder wood's smooth texture and subtle grain pattern lend a sense of simple elegance to any piece of furniture. Those who appreciate simplicity and versatility in their decor often opt for alder. Its ability to complement various design styles, from cozy cottages to modern lofts, makes it a popular choice among individuals who value timeless beauty without unnecessary frills. Alder wood is moderately durable, suitable for furniture that requires regular use but may not see as much wear and tear as pieces made from harder woods.

Alder McKenzie Bedroom Collection

Parawood (Rubberwood): The Sustainable Champion

Parawood, derived from the rubber tree (that’s the same tree we get latex from), offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for eco-conscious clients. Its light color and uniform grain make it suitable for a wide range of furniture styles, from traditional to contemporary. Those who prioritize having an eco-friendly material when making purchasing decisions often choose parawood. Parawood is durable and suitable for furniture that requires regular use.

Parawood Banks Dining Set

Oak: The Traditional Favorite

Oak wood has long been loved for its strength, durability, and beauty. With its distinctive grain patterns and warm tones, oak furniture adds a sense of tradition to any space. Individuals who appreciate classic design and lasting quality often choose oak for their furniture. Oak is renowned for its exceptional durability, making it suitable for furniture that needs to withstand heavy use and last for generations with minimal maintenance.

Oak Franklin Storage Bed Collection 

Knotty Pine: Rustic Charm and Character

Knotty pine, known for its distinctive knots and rustic appearance, is a popular choice for more rustic furniture. The knots, which are actually dormant buds of the tree, give knotty pine furniture a unique charm and natural character. This wood type is favored by those seeking a cozy, cabin-like atmosphere in their homes, as it gives a sense of warmth and comfort. While knotty pine is not as durable as some hardwoods, its affordability and rustic charm make it a desirable option for those looking to create a relaxed and inviting living space.

Knotty Pine Two Door Pantry

Radiata Pine: The Sustainable Option

Radiata pine, a variant of pine wood, is prized for its sustainability and fast growth. It is commonly used in furniture making due to its availability and eco-friendly credentials. Radiata pine furniture often features a clean, straight grain and a light color, making it suitable for a variety of styles and design preferences. While radiata pine may not be as durable as some hardwoods, its affordability and sustainability make it an attractive choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Radiata Pine Two Door Pantry

So, as you can see wood furniture offers something for everyone, from the timeless elegance of cherry to the rustic charm of hickory, and the sustainable appeal of parawood. Whether you prioritize durability, affordability, or sustainability, there's a type of wood to suit your style, values, and life. So why wait? Explore the endless possibilities of wood furniture today at Barewood!

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