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Don't want to do it yourself? No problem, we can finish your furniture for you!
Don't want to do it yourself? No problem, we can finish your furniture for you!

About Us

Barewood started with the Grace Family, a husband and wife team who raised and expanded their business and family for over thirty-five years. Their passion was to provide the Tampa Bay Area with quality real wood furniture and excellent customer service. This was reflected greatly in the following that they gained over the years.

In August 2019, the Graces were ready to retire from the furniture business. They had closed six of the seven stores in the Tampa Bay Area; that's when we got involved. A few weeks before the official closing date, we came in to see our friends' business. At first, we were hesitant stepping into the business we knew little about, but after talking with Mr. Grace and more importantly some of his customers; we knew we had to get involved. 

Formally a teacher (and forever design addict) and a Business Operations Leader, we set off on our journey to continue on the mission the Graces had started. 

While continuing on the path of quality and excellent customer service, we also wanted to make the business our own; from painting the walls, the store layout, decor, and the pieces we displayed. Little by little we started making updates... 

Then COVID happened...

Our baby business had just barely started after our takeover in September 2019 when we had to close our doors due to COVID in April of 2020. While a scary time, we took the opportunity to work behind closed doors to update some of the things we hadn't yet gotten to.

After our brief shut down we hit the ground running with our customers in their pursuit to beautify the homes they had spent so much time in... or just moved into. 

These last three years have been a whirlwind of progress and learning. Both about how a husband and wife can work together (without killing each other), the furniture business and finishing as well.  

We want to take this opportunity to thank the Graces for their unwavering support AND our amazing customers who have taken this journey with us and made it all possible. Thank you all for reading our story and we look forward to continuing to serve the wonderful people of the Tampa Bay Area and beyond!

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